Upgrading the Apple iMac

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Here at PER Productions, apart from the cameras and crew, the most important tool we have is the edit iMac. This is the machine that enables us to edit our projects and get them ready for delivery on DVD to you our clients.

Over recent months we have been looking at upgrading our 2010 iMac to a newer model. The main reason been reliability and power for the new software upgrades. Our current machine has had a few issues and we couldn’t afford to have major failures when editing. This really answered the question for us, so we took the plunge and invested in a latest model 27″ iMac to add to the office.

It now means we are running 2 iMacs, the new one been to main editing machine, and the old one becoming a more design area, Photoshop for artwork etc. It makes the workflow really simple as we can have each machine running separately doing their own tasks. But with the very simple but clever app called ‘Teleport’ the 2 iMacs act as 1, using 1 mouse and keyboard, and also been able to copy and paste between machines and drag and drop files.

So rest assured here, we have the latest kit meaning we will always have your project ready on time, and to the highest standard.


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