Drone Video North East

Drone Video

Exactly how it sounds! We can provide aerial video for your productions or project. The video footage can be supplied in 4k and can be used for anything from cinematic shots to house sale promo videos. The uses are endless! Get In Touch

Drone Photography

Aerial Photography can be used as a great tool to add that wow factor to your promotional material. It can be a great gift idea with a photo of your house or business. Creativity is endless with what we can do! We can even supply prints and edited photos as required.

Visual Inspections

A roof, building or something out of sight that you need to inspect, check for damage or require some hi quality photo or video of? Using the drone removes risks and allows a safer off site review of the footage and pictures. Supplied same day.

Aerial video and photography can be used for so many projects. Not only does it allow the obvious view from above or up high but it can also add a huge amount of production value and give a project the wow factor!

They can also be extremely useful for visual inspections of buildings, roofs or inaccessible locations. The drone can fly over these places and we can provide high resolution video and images that can be used by a trained professional for inspections. All footage and images can be provided on site on the same day.

We are also fully registered with the CAA and hold full insurance specific to drone flight.We have also gone further and hold the A2CofC Qualification allowing us to fly our bigger drones within specific areas. We have drones that can fly in different scenarios and that can offer a variety of options depending on the job requirements.

We operate with safety in mind at all times and our pilot will fly within the limitations of location, weather and CAA rules.

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Common Questions

We hold the A2CofC Qualification. We are also registered with the CAA as all drone pilots should be.

Yes! We carry specific Drone Insurance from CoverDrone and can tailor our cover on a job to job basis.

There are restricted areas we can’t fly without obtaining permissions. Once we know where you might need us to fly, we can advise on what permissions are required.

Yes, we carry a spare drone on each job. We also have multiple batteries for each drone with the ability to re charge on site. Footage and images are also backed up on site after landing.