School Filming

School Filming Services

PER Productions offer a variety of school filming services. Working within schools is something PER Productions really enjoy. We have a range of services designed to engage children, parents and work alongside the curriculum. We can supply school activities such as Green Screen, Animation and Video Production.

  • Green Screen

    Have you ever wanted to be transported to somewhere in the world? With the magic of Green Screen, we can do that. If you have a project or idea, then we can bring our portable studio into school and film the pupils and then replace the background with whatever they want. The images on the left so the studio setup.

    The ideas are endless! Get in touch with yours.

  • Show & Event Filming

    With no cost to your School we offer a high quality and professional filming service. So much hard work goes into putting on a show, and we understand that and want to show that on your DVD. Using up to 4 HD cameras, we film and edit your show as a professional multi camera production. We then edit your show, and package into a unique branded DVD for you to pass onto your pupils and their families. You will have something that everyone can be proud of. Through sales, you can recover your initial outlay.

  • Logo Collage

    We take artwork from every pupil in the school, and digitise those to allow us to make your one off logo. Each picture is then placed, depending on colour and shape into your school logo. From that we can fine tune the mosiac to take up the shape, colours and style of your logo. So from a distance you see your well known school logo, but look closer and you see individual images.

    Art within schools is a big talking point, what can be better than the full school been involved in the project. Even better, everytime you use the logo on a letter, in your show, on a booklet, each pupil will be able to spot thier work.