Canon C100 & Atomos Ninja2

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As we mentioned recently, we have been filming Last Fuel for Miles. This gave us the opportunity to use some kit we have been wanting to try for a while.

The kit we hired for the shoot was the Canon C100 and the Atomos Ninja 2. We got a great deal for the week from, have a look at the amazing kit they have available for hire.

The reason for using the c100 was we wanted to get more a film look to the project, and also up the quality of the finished product. The C100 fit the bill, and also fit the budget. We already had access to a range of lenses, ranging from a wide 10-22mm to a 50mm 1.4. The great thing about the C100 is that it will accept both EF and EF-s mounts. We teamed the camera up with the Atomos Ninja 2, a hard drive based recorder and external monitor. This meant we could take the uncompressed signal from the Canon, via the HDMI and record in ProRes 422.

The Atomos Ninja 2 was great on set, giving amazing quality in terms of the monitoring. We did encounter some issues with the hard drive mid way through the week, it was splitting clips and producing errors. The fix seemed to be formatting the drive. Also with it been supplied with a 2.5inch Hard Drive, and not an SSD, it didn’t like been used in the van we were filming in. Bumpy roads and spinning drives don’t work together!

Overall, the Canon C100 was perfect, we had no issues with it all week. The size and weight mean its great for hand held also. The audio capabilities were fantastic also. Teamed up with a Rode NTG-1 and NTG-2 we got crystal audio every day.

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