COVID-19 Updates

How we are changing, what we can help you with and what the future is looking like.

COVID-19 has created some strange times hasn’t it! We are working hard to try and offer some new services to help you with moving forward. We are making changes to what we do so we can be safe and socially distant when working.

From live streaming options, video messages for your business, COVID 19 updates for clients, we can help you with all of that! We will be updating this page as we move forward.

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As always, you can find the latest government guidelines here

Virtual Events & Conferences

Cancelling events is becoming a common thing but not everything has to go that way?

Have you thought of moving online or into a virtual environment?

Does that sound too complicated? We can help!

We have teamed up with CDB Production Solutions to offer bespoke options to move your event online and take the pressure away from you. We look after the technology, make it look amazing whilst leaving you to concentrate on engaging with your audience.

Covering Awards Nights, Conferences, Company Communications and more, we use a mix of lighting, greenscreen and virtual sets to transport you into a fully branded space to suit your event requirements.

Do something different rather than cancelling! Get in touch to discuss your event.


Live Streaming

With gatherings and events unable to happen currently, Virtual and Live Streamed events are looking like the way forward for some.

Live Streaming is a really effective way to broadcast to a bigger audience. Today its not just TV studios that can broadcast live, anyone can!

Zoom meetings can look professional too! We can put your live stream into a zoom meeting, with titles and graphics, video playback and powerpoints.

We can provide the equipment and knowledge to make your live stream stand out from the rest. Multi camera, switched live and added graphics. The most common locations to stream to are Facebook, YouTube and on private streams if required.

As long as your venue has a stable internet connection, we can stream. In fact, if it doesn’t, we can still stream using mobile technology.

So why try and reach a new audience and do you first live stream soon.


Safe Filming

Social Distancing is the new way to live and work. We are ready to help you carry on delivering your messages. Using our equipment to help us with that and also through our new practices for cleaning and setup, we want to keep you and ourselves safe at all times.

We will be offering early arrivals, meaning we can setup the kit in plenty of time on our own ready for you to walk into the room and film. This will reduce time together.

Minimal crew will be used to keep numbers down. We have a range of equipment that will aid us and you in keeping things simple.

  • Our Autocue system means we can have your script ready to roll which should mean less time filming. This can be operated remotely.
  • We can use wireless video kit to send video feeds to other rooms for client monitoring. Again this is reducing contact but still giving you control.
  • Where possible, we will now be using boom microphones to remove the need for radio microphones been used on people. If we need to, then we can instruct the client on how to fit their own on set.

Show Filming

Show Filming

Performances may not be happening as we knew them any time soon, but if you are a production company or theatre thinking of trying something different, we have you covered for Show Filming and broadcast options.

This isn’t something new to us, its what we have been doing for 12 years, filming shows in and around many theatres across the UK.

Create an income stream to make up for a little or reduced audiences – through sales or online broadcasts. Have a look at some of our options here

We use professional cameras, trained crew to film your show to a very high standard. 3 Cameras as standard means we create engaging edits that keep people watching! We can add custom audio kit to add to any venue sound feeds we take. Everything is fully edited and can be branded and delivered in any required formats.

More than willing to chat with any venues or companies to discuss possible options to move forward safely. Contact Paul –

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