When the country was put into lock down it affected everyone in different ways. One of our clients, Tom Rolfe Productions who are a production company performing shows and pantomimes across the UK were in the middle of a tour for one of their shows. This came to an abrubt end and they were left feeling like they needed to do something to lift spirits!

Together we came up with an idea of live streaming one of the shows we had filmed for them. We always film their shows as an archive for Tom, who owns and runs the company. They are recorded so that he can look back and also show new venues what they do.

Luckily we had a few to choose from, but in the end it was decided on Sleeping Beauty, filmed at Billingham Forum in 2019. We then took over and setup to provide a live stream of the show, including custom artwork, and interval and adverts. This was all done for charity with Tom raising money for a local hospital.

We had re edited the show ready for the stream and all the artwork was created. We ran the stream from Vmix which meant we could play out the show seamlessly. We then added in a countdown timer at the start, rolling graphics to explain to the viewers what was happening and to promote some more shows from Tom and the fundraising.

We streamed directly to Facebook and Youtube at the same time straight from Vmix. The show had around 5ooo viewers which we were over the moon with!