What we miss about filming Dance Shows!

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We can’t wait to get back to travelling the UK, setting our cameras up, chatting with the dance school principles and filming your amazing shows! BUT…we are well aware that we are safer at home and doing our bit to protect others and the NHS.

But….it doesnt stop us missing the dance shows, the people, the venues and the travelling. Here are the top 5 things we are missing! Stay Safe everyone!

1 – The People

We are lucky to meet and deal with so many amazing people. From tiny tots up to the adults and teachers, all who are amazingly talented at what they do. Dance schools are like families and thats plain to see at every school.

2 – The Show Venues

Some of the venues we are lucky to film in are amazing. We get to see everything from schools to huge theatres. Everyone in unique, but once the show starts they all become the same thing! The venues also have hard working crew and staff, always there to help and makes sure we can film the best show possible.

3 – The Travelling

Myself and the crew srive thousands of miles each year….possibly a few less this year! Although we spend alot of time on the road, we love seeing the country as we tour around. Albeit its usually the motorways and a Premier Inn! Joking apart though, time on the road means we can chat and enjoy the tunes on the radio!

4 – The Job

We film Dance Shows because we love what we do! I have always used a camera or been involved with filming, so to be able to use our amazing kit and film live shows is a joy to me. The sooner we are back the better!

5 – The Dance Shows!!

The dance shows you all manage to put on are truly amazing. Getting so many people in the correct place when they need to be is a huge job. Making it look polishedand fun, keeping people smiling just adds to the effort. But the shows we see are the best! We can’t wait to see what you all have in store when we are back!