Theatre Update…Looking Ahead!

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Dance Show Filming

Hello everyone. First of all I hope you are all safe and well!

A quick theatre and show filming update …. It’s been a while since we have been out filming, although we have been keeping busy with editing for clients which can be done remotely.

We have been missing the shows!

Looking ahead, the main unknown for us is when the theatres and venues around the country will be allowed to open. Until we hear from the Government, we do not know when this will happen. Once announced, it will be for these places to ensure they can implement the necessary guidelines for entertainment spaces to allow to reopen, and that they have a viable business to come back to. Who knows when this will happen …. but all we can hope is that they recover and get back to full strength when it’s safe. This has a knock on effect for dance show filming, shows and performances as not only might you find it difficult to find venues, but been unable to sell full audiences may make it harder to cover costs. Changes in rules may alter the way your show looks, group sizes and the ability to have everyone on stage.

We are ready to be back filming the shows as and when it is possible. We have procedures in place now to keep our distance away from members of the public, and a structured routine for the cleaning of our kit and travel arrangements for the crew. There are also some other options we are looking at if we need to adjust further.

We are also looking at options for you to record a show and deliver online as a paid event, boosting the possible smaller audiences. We have ways to do this as ‘LIVE’ but also, on a quick turnaround edit basis. This will add another income stream for you as a school or producer. Although we have experience in this from other projects, bringing this into the theatre and creating options for shows will take some adjustments, but nothing we are not able to work on.

We fully understand the majority of schools cancelling shows this year. We have been in touch with the majority of our bookings and it’s looking like for everyone 2020 will be a quiet one! BUT…

We expect, and hope, 2021 will be a booming year for shows to return. So, if you do have plans for next year, get those dates in as soon as you have them! Book Now!

So, we are still here, still working and look forward to some shows as and when its safe to do so!