Video Preview – PAD – Power Academy of Dance

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A quick preview from PAD - Power Academy of Dance
Dance Show Filming - Joanne Banks Dancers

Show Filming – You can make a profit!

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Here at PER Productions, we offer Dance Show Filming as one of our main services. We have always priced our services with the client in mind, as we want both ourselves and the client to be happy. We work slightly differently to some companies…

ToneRiders Live Band

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Back in March 2014 we spent a day filming with ToneRiders, a function band based in the North East. We filmed 7 songs over the day, each song been played 3 times giving us 3 chances for different camera angles. With the band playing to a click…
VHS DVD Conversion

VHS DVD Conversion

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Have a cupboard or attic full of VHS tapes? All those family memories that you have forgotten about. Here at PER Productions in Darlington, we offer a VHS DVD Conversion service. We put them onto DVD for you so you can relive the memories. The…

A Busy Christmas

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This year has been a great one for us, especially the last few months where things have been extremely busy! It started with shows, dance shows, corporate interviews and finished with a wedding. We are so lucky to be able to film so many…

Be Clear on Cancer

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Recent weeks have seen us working with the team behind the 'Be Clear on Cancer' adverts. We were tasked with filming some interviews for some in house videos for their GP's and Consultants. The final videos will be used to tell the medical staff…
BDFA, Batten Disease Family Association

BDFA Family Conference 2014

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We have the pleasure of working with the BDFA - Batten Disease Family Association. They are a small charity who's aim is to make sure no family suffering with the rare disease, called Batten Disease, should suffer alone. They also fund research…
Room Lighting North East

Winterton Park – Promotional Pictures

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We were asked to take some pictures of Winterton Park's first wedding at the venue. As it was something they hadn't done before, but want to do more of in the future, they wanted to get some shots of the evening reception with the amazing room…
Walworth Castle Birds of Prey

Walworth Castle Birds of Prey – Promo

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We spent the day at a great new north east attraction, Walworth Castle Birds of Prey, surprisingly.... in the grounds of Walworth Castle itself. This place is great! Walworth Castle Birds of Prey, run by husband and wife team Tori & David…

DJI Phantom – A view from up high!

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Here at PER Productions we have a new piece of kit. The latest purchase is a DJI Phantom, a Quad Copter from The main function is of course the flying aspect, been GPS stabilised its also a great filming tool. With the…