Lourdes with HCPT Group 25 – Lourdes 2015

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We have just returned from Lourdes in France with HCPT Group 25. We travelled with them last year and could not wait to return this time around! We travel as part of the huge HCPT – The Pilgrimage Trust at easter, with over 5000 people there at once.

We go as a group helper, supporting the amazing young people we take throughout the week, but of course the cameras are always close to hand, so we look after the photo’s and video of the week to we can always look back at the memories we created.

We spent 7 days in Lourdes, each day having something pretty amazing happening. The whole setting of Lourdes is special, the weather was perfect and the young people were the best! The 16 helpers that pay to go and help, are the most selfless people around. They are also the most hard working!

We will have a video up very shortly!