New Kit – LIVE Camera Switcher

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Live Camera

We are always looking at investing in new equipment and seeing where we can add to our services. The latest piece of kit is the Blackmagic Atem Television Studio HD. In simple terms its a live camera video switcher, allowing us to seamlessly switch 8 sources of video, and output them to big screens, TV’s and even live streams. We can add graphics, logos, lower 3rds and much more to make you live event have that wow factor!

We have invested in this as we have some future plans and projects that will require the use of this, but also its something we have needed for a while to allow us to move towards that are of the AV world.

Another massive reason was the LIVE Green Screen we can now do! So where as before we would work the green screen magic in the edit, we can now allow the client to see themselves on screen with the magic applied! This will come into its own when doing the green screen in schools, as it allows the children to see and understand the process a bit better.

We will be releasing some more information soon about our future plans!