We filmed an Outdoor Dance Show

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Outdoor Dance Show

With the world as it is….it was March when we last filmed a Dance Show!

Dance Shows are a huge part of what we do. We love them, travel the UK filming them and will continue to film them when they return.

Luckily for us we work with a local school, The Joanne Banks Dancers. They managed to organise, choreograph and pull off an outdoor dance show. Covid Secure, with all precautions in place to make it all as safe as possible. A huge bonus for them was the local venue, Hardwick Hall Hotel who had an outdoor arena set up in their grounds. The school were able to use this after the venues events had finished.

The site was made up of a huge stage with a great lighting rig installed, amazing sound and video screens. The audience were seated in pods of up to 6 from the same household. Table service for food and drinks was available also. Backstage there was ample room in two massive marquees for the kids to socially distance and wait for their big moment.

Our Camera Platform

We were setup quite a distance from stage, but this wasnt a major issue as we put on the long lenses and we were ready to go. Setup on out platform so we had a perfect view. We had our usual 3 camera setup at the back, 2 manned cameras and a central wide.

We also teamed up with the crew who were providing the big screen video. They had an amazing low down super wide shot down at the stage. Providing them with cards meant they were able to record that feed for us adding another angle to the dance show edit.

Audio was simple, playback of tracks and some radio mics for the hosts and some singing. We took a wireless feed from the main desk to obtain a feed of the mix. That was backed up with a stereo recorder at the stage to get some ambient group singing.

It was awesome to be back filming a show! Yes it was challenging and not the norm that we are used to, but to be out with the kit and crew, doing what we know was great!

The editing is going well, its look amazing!

The Site at Hardwick Hall Hotel