Atem Mini & Peli 1510

Recently we have been using the Atem Mini from Blackmagic Design for some Live Streaming jobs. We love it!

We invested in the original Atem Mini when it first came out and we thought it was a great bit of kit, priced well and at a point where its something you should just have in the kit bag. Over the past few months we have built the Atem into a custom designed case to make it a one box solution for events.

Using a Peli 1510, we have manged to fit the mini, a small audio mixer and even a monitor! Its made setup super quick and protects the kit. Teamed up with a laptop to run the stream and obviously a camera or multiple cameras.

The Atem Mini setup has worked superbly on a variety of jobs, including Funerals, School Mass and Weddings. Its compact size means we can fit into a corner of the venue and keep discreet!

What we have loved about the Mini is obviously the size, but also the fact that teamed with the control software from Blackmagic Design, you get the full pro experience that some of their bigger switches have. Now we love the mini, but we also understand the new releases of the Atem Mini Pro & ISO have far more features. Some of the those could be very useful for us but in the main the mini does everything we need currently.

Get in touch if we can help with your event or occasion.