Show Filming

Performances may not be happening as we knew them any time soon, but if you are a production company or theatre thinking of trying something different, we have you covered for Show Filming and broadcast options.

This isn’t something new to us, its what we have been doing for 12 years, filming shows in and around many theatres across the UK.

Create an income stream to make up for a little or reduced audiences – through sales or online broadcasts. Have a look at some of our options here

We use professional Sony FS5 cameras, trained crew to film your show to a very high standard. 3 Cameras as standard means we create engaging edits that keep people watching! We can add custom audio kit to add to any venue sound feeds we take. Everything is fully edited and can be branded and delivered in any required formats.

More than willing to chat with any venues or companies to discuss possible options to move forward safely. Contact Paul –

Show Filming