Short Film Shoot

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After the success of Damaged Goods, the feature film we made with Broken Scar Productions last year, it was time for us to get on set again and start shooting something else. Mike from Broken Scar had a script ready for a 10 minute short about a Speed Awareness course of all things.

Photo 30-03-2014 10 16 27 amAfter getting a small cast of 5 together, we found a location in a portacabin office unit in Aycliffe and set about organising the shoot. There was no pressure with this, it was more of a way of getting back into the swing of things and more importantly having some fun and a laugh!

We filmed this project using the Canon 600d DSLR, more because we wanted the shallow depth of field and also giving us a chance to get more involved with this way of shooting. We are more used to using more Eng style cameras, like our Sony Z7. Although these are great, the look we wanted didn’t suit this so the DSLR was the best choice.

Sound wise, it was recorded using a Rode NTG-2 into a Zoom H4N recorder. Very simple setup for this type of project.

We will now go into the edit and show you the results as soon as we can!