Flying Through History – Teesside Airport


Its always great to look back at where things started, for us it was at University in Teesside. The TV Production degree I completed was the place I was able to get out with a camera and make some great projects with the production team we had there. Mark, Matthew, Dan and me, we all had our roles and it worked well, and Mark just knew everybody!

I have recently just discovered some of the work we made, including ‘Flying Through History’, the brief was to use archive footage, and make a story from that. We found some amazing, rare footage of Teesside Airport, now Durham Tees Valley. The footage was of flights, passengers in the terminals, and a very young John Prescott! We put adverts in local papers looking for people who had worked or travelled in the early days of the airport. The adverts worked and we found 4 great contributors.

The newspaper pieces also meant the local news picked up on the story, and Tyne Tees News were on the phone asking to come and meet us at University to run a story about us.

Looking back at the piece, obviously technically it falls down in parts, but its packed with content and great stories. Most importantly, the archive footage is amazing, takes you back to the early days of the airport.

Have a watch!