Working with video takes up loads of space! We are talking about gigabytes of space, in fact terabytes of space! After years of trying to find the best way to store and work with the projects we have, we think we have finally made a leap forward into the place we need to be!

We have just about finished a major update in our storage systems with the introduction of a server based system in the office. This 12 terabyte Raid Z2 beast means we have plenty of useable storage as well as a safety net allowing for those unwanted drive failures. This system will in time take over the old Drobo system we used to store and work from.

This might all be gobbledygook to some… but in short we now have a system which protects your dance show, wedding or project whilst we work on it. More so, we now have a backup of all of that offsite, meaning we could afford to loose everything in the office and still be able to recover your precious projects. Of course we hope this never happens, but we think this is very important.

Not a lot of our clients may be aware of the lengths we go to, and the investment we put into the systems that help us create what we do. To you its magic, we leave your event and 3 weeks later you see a finished project! But now you know we take good care of the footage and files all that time, ensuring you get what you expect. We like to be prepared for all eventualities!

So rest assured, PER Productions have it covered! Your safe with us!