We don’t just film feet! Dance Show filming Explained!

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Dance Show Filming Uk

After years of filming shows across the UK, we know about formations, routines and how the dance should look. Thats why we use multiple camera angles so we can show everything on the stage.

We start with our wide shot, this is the shot that takes in the full stage, and doesn’t move throughout the show. Its the shot that will show the symmetry in your formations, the flips and the stacks in your acrobatic dances. We then have 2 manned cameras either side of the stage. These are the cameras that move and get the smaller group shots, reaction shots, close ups of the poses and costumes. These are manned and operated throughout the show by our crew.

Our last position which we use depending on the the theatre and lighting, is a low down super wide shot that sits on one corner of the stage. This gives a unique shot of the full stage, but also takes in the lighting.

Once all of these angles are cut together, it makes for an exciting edit and something that people want to watch. Much better than 1 shot of the full show, and much better than shots of feet!! Watch our samples and you can see all of these in a finished product.