Back in March 2014 we spent a day filming with ToneRiders, a function band based in the North East. We filmed 7 songs over the day, each song been played 3 times giving us 3 chances for different camera angles. With the band playing to a click track, it meant each take could then be lined up in the edit giving us plenty of shot choices.

Filmed in a great venue, STAGE in Darlington, with lighting provided by CDB Production Solutions and sound from Personal Audio it was a great project.

With the audio been recorded live, its taken Phil from the band a while to get it edited and to a point where he is happy with. But it landed in my inbox this week so we have managed to get the project complete.

Have a watch of the 7 videos below! If we can do something similar for you band, let us know!

ToneRiders Live Band

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