Teleprompter – We have Upgraded

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We have been using a teleprompter system for several years now, they are a must for our corporate filming we have found. But we have finally had the time to upgrade the system!

We now have the Data Video TP-300 in our kit bag. This system gives us true teleprompter advantages. Eye line straight down the lens, so no wandering eyes or eye lines above or below the lens. We have also changed the software driving the system. This update give us smoother scrolling and more advanced features to make the usability much easier.

Our corporate clients love the ‘autocue’ system as it gives them freedom from paper scripts or memorising long speeches. We have found most people can get used using one after a few takes on camera. The system is always operated by a crew member, so speed can be controlled and matched to the presenter.

If you want to use the system on a project, then please get in touch and discuss your requirements.