Show Filming – You can make a profit!

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Dance Show Filming - Joanne Banks Dancers

Here at PER Productions, we offer Dance Show Filming as one of our main services. We have always priced our services with the client in mind, as we want both ourselves and the client to be happy. We work slightly differently to some companies in the fact we include a number of DVD’s within the price we charge. So take the £550 package, with that you get 50 DVD’s of your show included, thats £11 per DVD!

Now everyone can say, this will ‘cost you nothing’, and i’m sure a lot of people will think, “whats the catch?” – well genuinely, here at PER Productions there is no catch. You sell your DVD’s for a price your happy with, and you can recover all the costs. And with that, you can also make a profit on the Dance Show Filming!

Instead of the filming been something you as a school think you can’t afford, think of it as the best advertisement you have. All of your students buying a DVD, watching with their friends and family at homes, a bigger audience then see your amazing dancing! In turn you are making a profit from having PER Productions film your show.

So, if your reading this and are thinking, we cant afford to have show filming, maybe think again and look at what we can offer for Dance Show Filming. Remember, you could be making money from having us there, we don’t mind! We just love recording all your hard work and making DVD’s that your school can be proud of!