The wedding was at St Andrew’s in the centre of Newcastle. An beautiful church thats hidden away opposite the old bus station. With a great priest leading the service, it was a perfect wedding. The reception was then at Matfen Hall, about 25 minutes away. This was somewhere we hadn’t been before, so it was great to film at a new location. It was stunning, and the sun made it look even better. With views over the golf course and blue skies all day, it really was a special day.

The day was also so personal to Janine & Graham. The theme and decorations that Janine had spent so long planning really worked, with the staff at Matfen Hall bringing it all together.

We film the day in a very natural way, we film from the background and don’t interfere with the day in any way. We are there to blend in and capture the magical moments that the bride & groom don’t always get the chance to see on a such a busy day! The biggest compliment we get is “we didn’t notice you all day”….Perfect! We did our job.