We have just completed filming for The Joanne Banks Dancers and their show ‘Freedom’ at Darlington Civic Theatre. We have filmed the last 2 years for the school and this years show is certainly a step up! A fantastic, high energy show, with so many great performances from the youngest dancers aged 4 up to the senior class.

Darlington Civic Theatre is an amazing venue that our hometown has to offer. Its such a great privilege to be able to work in there and film the show.

We used 4 cameras on this show, 2 manned cameras located at the rear of the stalls, 1 wide shot which we mount in the dress circle and then a GoPro on the stage for a more ‘arty’ shot of the groups dancing. Once in the edit we have every angle covered and it makes for an interesting watch when finished. We understand that dance school want to see their formations on stage that they have rehearsed so much, so our wide camera is the most important shot we feel. The 2 manned cameras then pick up close ups and mid shots of the dancers so we can cut them in.