A Feature Film in 9 Days

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The title says it all! We were once again working with Mike from Broken Scar Productions in Darlington. We first worked with Mike back when we made our first feature film called ‘Damaged Goods‘. The 90 minute film was made with a budget of £500…and in some places that showed in the final piece…but… we were and are still super proud of what we managed to do with little kit, crew and budget!

Move on to last week, and after a few projects in in-between, we started filming the latest project ‘Sparrowhawk‘. Written, produced and directed by Mike the project was once again very ambitious! This time around though funding was secured to enable us to increase the production value and in our the hope was to create our best project yet. Mike pulled in a cast that was a mix of people we had used before ad some new faces.

We were brought in from the start to oversea the production as Director of photography. From the outset we wanted to up our game in terms of cameras and techniques. We settled on hiring two Canon C300 mkii cinema quality cameras. Shooting in 4k Raw meant we would be able to produce the quality required for cinema.

We also brought on board Terry from Blue Moon Audio who we chose to provide our location sound recording and editing. Added to the crew was our second camera op Sean from Blue Cube Video, Kate Maclean who came on board as Mike’s right hand person, also looking after continuity and practically everything else on set and Graham, otherwise known as ‘Chirpy’ who was our runner and clapper board man!

The crew worked flawlessly together, ego’s were left outside and ideas were a collaborative process. The aim from everyone was to produce something amazing!

From the start we realised we were shooting something that was different. The cast were pulling some top class performances out of the bag, the set was looking superb and the footage just looked special! Everything seemed to just come together on set after months of planning.

After 9 solid days of filming, we wrapped on set and packed the vans! We created over 4TB of footage, which is now been sorted through for the big edit to start. Speaking of editing, we will be doing that also with the help if Terry from Blue Moon Audio who will be doing our stereo and 5.1 audio mix.

So watch this space for the next instalment from this project! We are super excited about what we have filmed…the edit starts very soon!