DJI Phantom – A view from up high!

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Here at PER Productions we have a new piece of kit. The latest purchase is a DJI Phantom, a Quad Copter from The main function is of course the flying aspect, been GPS stabilised its also a great filming tool.

With the added GoPro Mounting options it turns it into a very assessable pice of equipment for a company like ourselves, been able to provide aerial footage at a low cost, but adding the wow factor to any project. We have purchased the Phantom as a project that we will be building up over the next few months. Adding the stabilising gimbal for the GoPro to give the smooth look to the shots is one of the first upgrades we will be doing. The next is to add a FPV (First Person View) facility, meaning the operator and director can see the footage from the copter as it flies.

We are very excited about the DJI Phantom, and will be getting used to what it can do over the next few months. Once refined and upgraded to where we need it we will then start offering some services for our clients.

Watch this space…..

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