Conference AV North East

Conference AV North East

Looking for Conference AV North East? A conference or product launch is all about making a great first impression to your clients, you can be assured that PER Productions have that in mind at all times. From the planning to the event itself, we will make sure everything is in place, working and with backup so your event goes without an issue.

We can provide a full service for your conference. We start with the promotional material, brochures, posters and banners which we design all in house, working to your brand and artwork specifics. Having us involved from the start means all your branding, colours and artwork will be consistent throughout the event.

We then plan and design the stage you need, projection screens, LED screens and televisions so your message is clearly visible to all. We will advise what is best for the venue and to make the biggest impact. If your require staging to create an elevated area or if you require pipe and drape around your room, we can provide it.

Lighting is key to an event to create an atmosphere in the room. We use LED lighting to colour the room in your brand colours. This combined with a stage wash so your speakers are brightly lit making photos and video look their best. We can also provide intelligent moving lights to create an even bigger impact on the stage or to bring your launch to life.

Artwork Design

Conference AV North East

Promoting your event or need material for during your conference, Conference AV North East can help with design and print for a wide variety of products. Matched to your company brand with logos and colours to keep everything within the brand.

Think about what you may need?

  • Promotional Flyers
  • Large Format Print
  • Roller Banners / Banner Stands
  • Business Cards
  • PVC Banners
  • USB Pens / Key Rings


Conference AV North East

Staging in all shapes and sizes is available, we can cater to any room dimensions. Staging can raise your speakers and performers above the audience for better sight lines and to create a visual area for your event.

Staging is always setup by qualified crew and safety is key. Hand rails and steps will always be used when required. We can also add black drape and skirts to create a really clean looking stage.

Pipe and Drape is also available to suite.

Live Camera

Conference AV North East

Live camera coverage of your event can really help with getting the message across. Cameras in combination with projection and screens mean we can show the speakers on screen along with titles and key information. This helps with large rooms so people at the back feel like they are closer to whats happening.

Take your event to the next level with your visuals on screen. Live camera shots mixed with presentations and graphics can really bring the event to life and enforce the message.

All our cameras are full HD and we work with the lighting crew to make sure the images are the best they can be.


Conference AV North East

To translate your presentations and branding to your audience, you need screens. We can supply screens of varying sizes to fit the room. Ranging from projection screens, LED Screens or TV’s, we can supply everything required.

When using video, images, live cameras and graphics, an effective display makes the difference. We would asses the room and setup and then advise on what would work best.

We can also provide small stand alone presentation systems for smaller conferences.

Lighting / Sound

Conference AV North East

The look of a room can be transformed using lighting. Compliment your brand colours and wash the room or stage with colour for a hug impact. We can supply a variety of lighting from room lighting, stage wash, moving lights and site lighting. Lighting helps when using live cameras.

Sound is another huge part of a successful event. If you cant hear your speakers, your message wont get across. We use a mix of PA setups to suite a room and combine that with the best microphones for the requirements. Having a band or entertainment? Not a problem.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming is a really effective way to broadcast to a bigger audience. Today, its not just TV studios that can broadcast live, anyone can!

We can provide the equipment and knowledge to make your live stream stand out from the rest. Multi camera, switched live and added graphics.

We can live stream on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and on private streams if required.

As long as your venue has a stable internet connection, we can stream. In fact, if it doesn’t, we can still stream using mobile technology.

So why try and reach a new audience and do you first live stream soon.

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