Recent weeks have seen us working with the team behind the ‘Be Clear on Cancer’ adverts. We were tasked with filming some interviews for some in house videos for their GP’s and Consultants. The final videos will be used to tell the medical staff nationwide about the new awareness campaigns and how to deal with them within surgeries and hospitals across the country.

Read more about the new campaign here.

We travelled to Durham, Newcastle and Sunderland to meet with various clinicians who were needed to give their opinions on camera.

It really was inspiring to listen to people who are at the top of their careers and who spend their lives helping others. There was so much knowledge, far more than we could understand but it makes you feel very comfortable with the people who are out there looking after you!

A camera setup of the Sony Z7 with Wireless Mic and boom for sound on location.

We will be working again with the team very shortly also.