This year has been a great one for us, especially the last few months where things have been extremely busy! It started with shows, dance shows, corporate interviews and finished with a wedding.

We are so lucky to be able to film so many different events and occasions. Its what makes the job so interesting, as every job and every day brings something new with it. There are always problems to overcome, such as low hanging projectors in theatres during shows, one of my pet hates!

We would love to film something new everyday, but with that comes editing, and we give as much time to that, if not more than the filming itself. So we are now busy in the edit suite, compiling the projects and getting them edited and onto DVD or online ready for our clients deadlines. Its the part of the job that people dont see, but its probably the most time consuming part and its where the project comes to life.

So we will get cracking, ready for the new jobs in the new year!