Dance Show Filming

Dance Show Filming, We can’t dance

We are filming more and more dance shows now and we are loving each and every one. Dance Show Filming is meaning we get to travel the UK seeing amazing talent on stage and producing a product that people will watch over and over again.

Dance Show Filming is something we are investing in constantly, from the cameras we use, the setup within theaters, to the editing suite we have built to create the finished products we do.

Another big thing is we feel we now have a great understanding of choreography and how dance schools want their routines shown. We are the first to admit we can’t dance, but we know when a routine needs a wide shot to show the formation, or a reaction or head turn needs a close up to make an exciting edit. That’s something that is learnt from hours of editing dance shows. We understand when something maybe didn’t go right on stage, so we will do our best to edit around that to make your finished DVD as perfect as it can be.

Our background in theatres also mean we can work well with the venues to get the best from lighting and sound, working with any visual effects you may be using so we can capture it all on camera in the best way. You may want to read our post on how important lighting is in your shows here – this is something we are always willing to work with you on if you need advice.

So rest assured when you book PER Productions for your Dance Show Filming, your getting a company that cares and understands your shows.

We look forward to working with you very soon! You can find more info here on our Dance Show Page – examples are there to watch, and pricing is available.

A Feature Film in 9 Days

The title says it all! We were once again working with Mike from Broken Scar Productions in Darlington. We first worked with Mike back when we made our first feature film called ‘Damaged Goods‘. The 90 minute film was made with a budget of £500…and in some places that showed in the final piece…but… we were and are still super proud of what we managed to do with little kit, crew and budget! Read more

Book Early for 2017

Do you have your show dates? Do you have a date in mind?

If the answer is yes, then we can’t stress enough how important it is to book us early! We are finding our diary already filling up and we don’t want to disappoint people. So once you have your event dates, then let us know and we can get you all booked in!

We operate a first come first booked system, whoever we get the booing information and booking fee from the first, they get our full attention!

So if you are thinking of putting off another day to get in touch, don’t, call us now!

We have a backup!

Working with video takes up loads of space! We are talking about gigabytes of space, in fact terabytes of space! After years of trying to find the best way to store and work with the projects we have, we think we have finally made a leap forward into the place we need to be! Read more

Dance Show Lighting

Shine A Light and Turn It Up!

The importance of good lighting and sound at a dance show is something that every school should think about, no matter how big or small the production is. Read more

Dance Show Filming Uk

We don’t just film feet! Dance Show filming Explained!

After years of filming shows across the UK, we know about formations, routines and how the dance should look. Thats why we use multiple camera angles so we can show everything on the stage. Read more

Whiteboard Animation Video

Whiteboard style animation videos… what’s one of those i hear you ask! 

Well, it’s something we have been doing for a while and we have completed various projects for clients recently using this method. Read more

Dance Show Filming

Christmas & New Year Dance Show FIlming

Over Christmas and the New Year we were busy with end of year Dance Show Filming across the UK. Read more

Ross Jackson Golf

We have just finished producing some work for Ross Jackson Golf. We have known ross since we filmed his wedding to Rachel. Ross then asked us to come onboard to create some new video content for social media and his website. Read more

Conference Filming

Conference Filming – Thalidomide Trust

We were in Durham at the Raddison Blu Hotel for the Thalidomide Trust’s annual conference. We were asked to provide Conference Filming for the day. We filmed each presentation at the conference so that people who could not attend or who were attending multiple presentations will be able to see the workshops online. Read more